Festival ballet Providence School

Our Philosophy

At FBPS we have created a variety of learning opportunities through our diverse programs. Our philosophy is to nurture, develop, and support each dancers' individual goals as they develop.

As a classical ballet school our students receive a traditional and comprehensive education that has been influenced by the Russian, Italian and French schools. We have designed a syllabus that meets the needs of those students striving for a professional career in ballet while maintaining classes that are more appropriate for the student who is studying ballet to support other dance forms or for those taking class for the pure joy of movement.

In both situations, our curriculum fosters a strong technical foundation and a high level of discipline and commitment. Students who graduate from our school receive a full understanding of the art of ballet, a strong technical base, fluidity, grace and discipline.

Our students begin their early training in our Young Children's Program of our Open Enrollment Division. This program has been created to plant the seed of imagination. As a student moves through the school they will be afforded the opportunity to move into the Pre-Professional Division in the Core Ballet Program or to continue their studies in our Open Enrollment Division.

Students who begin their studies in the Core Ballet Program will receive slow, progressive work that develops proper placement and strong technique. As the child approaches an Intermediate level of training they will have the foundation to continue into a Pre-Professional Division. As the course of study concludes, the talented elite student at the advanced level will be invited into a trainee program in order to prepare for a career in ballet. Many of our trainees go on to dance with professional companies including Festival Ballet Providence.

Our open enrollment Division provides a less rigorous program within the same philosophical structure. Students in this division develop a strong foundation that affords them the background to pursue dance in a college environment or to continue to enjoy dance recreationally as an adult.

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