The C Project – Ashley Perez

Guest choreographer and SDI 2014 faculty member Ashley Perez gives insight into the story of her piece for “The C Project”

Inspired by the stories of people affected by Hepatitis C, I wanted to convey the story of struggling with loss. The piece starts with a couple, and she wakes to realize that he is no longer there. He has recently lost his battle with Hepatitis C and she needs to find a way to move on. She wakes up wondering how she is going to carry on day-to-day, feeling as if she is alone in her devastation.

As she ventures into the world, she realizes that everyone is carrying their own losses and baggage, but they still manage to continue on and find joy in their daily lives. Though she struggles, she learns that he will always be by her side carrying her through life.

At the end of the piece she wakes up missing him, realizing that this was all a dream, but feels more fulfilled knowing that she will never be truly alone.

Through researching this topic, my eyes were definitely opened to the pain that a disease like Hepatitis C causes, and I hope that this inspires others to become more educated about this disease.

– Ashley Perez

The C Project is a collaboration between Festival Ballet Providence, RI Defeats Hepatitis C and WaterFire Providence, the program aims to bring awareness to the Hepatitis C virus, which affects 1 in 30 baby-boomers, many of whom don’t even know they are infected.

The free outdoor performance will take place at the Waterplace Park amphitheater, around 7:30pm on Saturday, July 26.

Ashley Perez
Ashley Perez

Ashley Perez began dancing at a very young age and trained in numerous styles, but quickly found her love for ballet. She went on to dance as a soloist with Ballet San Antonio and a principal soloist with Corpus Christi Ballet. She graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Public Relations. Ashley has had the pleasure of learning from some of the world’s most beloved dancers including Jillana, Maria Tallchief, Allegra Kent, Bart Cook, Maria Calegari, Kyra Nichols, Desmond Richardson and Dwight Rhoden. Since moving to New York, Ashley has found her passion in musical theatre, jazz, and aerial contortion. She has been lucky enough to perform as a principal in the critically acclaimed The Orion Experience Off-Broadway and many other shows both onstage and television. Ashley is an Instructor and the Special Projects Coordinator at Physique 57 in New York City.


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