The best feedback

We’re always inspired, intrigued, and generally entertained when we get student responses following one of our Discover Dance school performances. This most recent Peter Pan school show (which filled The Vets almost to capacity) was no exception! Below are some of our favorite responses from a 2nd grade class at Paul Cuffee school (with just a few minor spelling mistakes corrected)

How did the show make you feel? Why?

  • Awesomely awesome. Because flying to Neverland was so cool. (Jalen)
  • Like I was in the show. I felt good! (Alisson)
  • Awesomely awesome ’cause when you (Tinker Bell) and Peter Pan did tricks (Angelli)
  • I love the play because the sword fighting was going on. (Paul)
  • Sad and Happy at the same time. (Gabe)
  • Awesome and cool because there was a lot of action. (Kaia)
  • Awesome because you never messed up! (Carolina)
  • It made me feel tired because it was so interesting. (Alexis)

Who was your favorite character? Why?

  • Peter Pan. He could fly. (Jalen)
  • Peter Pan. Peter Pan can fly. (Ben)
  • Tinker Bell. Because you had pixy dust and because you were pretty! (Angelli)
  • Captain Hook. I picked you because you have a nice mustache. (Xavier)
  • Mr. Smee. You were part of Captain Hook. (Paul)
  • Wendy. You were like an old-timey girl. (Gabe)
  • Wendy. You danced really well. (Carolina)
  • Captain Hook. Because he was a Captain and he liked to fight. (Habeeb)
  • Tinker Bell. Because you were really good at ballet. (Maeve)

I would like to come back to The Vets and see…

  • WINNER: Frozen (8 total)
  • RUNNER UP: Harry Potter (3 total)
  • HONORABLE MENTIONS: The Nutcracker (2 total), How the Grinch Stole Christmas

As if getting these notes wasn’t satisfaction enough, many of the kids drew their favorite characters on the back!

Jalen – Peter Pan

Alisson – Wendy

Ben – Peter Pan

Xavier – Captain Hook

Gabe – Peter Pan and Wendy

Carolina – John, Peter Pan, Wendy, Michael, Tinker Bell

Habeeb – Captain Hook

Alexis – Wendy

A big thank you to all of our school groups who made the school show last Friday morning an unforgettable experience!


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