Agon & Orchis is coming. Join us.

One month from now Agon & Orchis will be history.

By then, the ideas, sketches, and designs of the talented collaborators will have been put into focus, their ideas fully realized . The dancers, having had their moment on stage, will take their final bows and the curtain will fall on the Vets stage. They will have done all this – each one of them – for the chance to deliver a single yet complex work of theater to the public. One month from now, Agon & Orchis will belong to you, our audience.

This month, we want to take you inside Agon & Orchis and give you unique insights and angles of this incredible collaboration in order to inform and enrich the total experience of this production. We want you to see what we see – a team of artists each bringing their incomparable talent to the center of this project.

We are proud of each one of the creative minds and bodies that continue to flood Festival Ballet Providence from day to day. Their potential is bounded only by their dedication, which is immense by every measure.

Agon & Orchis is evolving. The excitement is building. We want you to be a part of it.

Join us.