Sonya Belousova’s Orchis now available on iTunes +

Well, there you have it straight from the composer herself. We, too, are very happy that Sonya Belousova’s original, commissioned score for last season’s groundbreaking premiere Orchis is now available for download on iTunes and!

Audiences were blown away by the eccentric, wide range of Sonya Belousova’s original score, striking a rich parallel to Viktor Plotnikov’s unique choreography. This young composer, who lives in Los Angeles, worked closely with Viktor for months to create the perfect score for his ballet.

Back in March, Viktor told RI Public Radio’s Bill Gale – “I listen to the music, what it tells me…and I have the piece.” Now you can listen for yourself and see what Sonya’s score says to you!

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Enjoy every note until Orchis returns in March, 2014!


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