SHE MOVES: Heidi Henderson

Heidi Henderson
Heidi Henderson

The lost solo that I am performing will be made into a section of a dance called, Leslie, for four dancers which will be performed in Movement Research at the Judson in March.

When I make a dance, the movement always comes first. In Leslie, so far, the movement is about continually processing particular delicate actions. The actions are non-hierarchical; each movement feels as important as the next. There is a precision in the placement of each hand, each pause, in the tone of the body. The work is exact without being virtuosic. The work is quiet. The work is reductive. There is no grandness. There is no message.

Leslie feels just begun even though I have been working on her for two years. I like to take time to make a dance. I like to carve out each movement idea carefully, in sequence. I like to take time inside the work by placing pauses. The pauses are not marked or held tightly; the pauses are places of quiet where even less is happening. I wonder: where is the soft edge between engagement and boredom? When I work quietly, am I drawing folks in or losing them? When we apply a steady kind of performative attention do we hold the attention of someone watching?

The people in this dance are themselves but cautiously so. They are contained. Everything is predetermined and carefully placed, selected. The work is human, normal. As dancers, we are paying a kind of attention to the particular nature of the movements without any push of effort towards an overt presentation. The task is abstract but the attention to the task feels personal and tactile. We care.

Heidi Henderson
Heidi Henderson

She Moves: A dance concert to benefit the Women’s Center of Rhode Island is a collaborative effort bringing together eleven of the strongest female voices in the Rhode Island contemporary dance community. Feb. 15, 6:00pm.

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