SHE MOVES: Andrea Dawn Shelley

Andrea Dawn Shelley
Andrea Dawn Shelley

After receiving an invitation to participate in She Moves, I wanted to seize this opportunity to create something new and use a piece of music that has been playing over and over on my playlist for about a year now. This new work, Deluge of Discontent is absolutely, 100%, musically driven. Inspiration is being drawn from the discord I continue to feel while listening to Philip Glass’, Etude No. 6. Being a long time disciple of Glass, I have always been seduced by his music because of the passion that his melodies ignite inside. His constant metronome, which is present in each and every score, never grows tiresome to my ear. It is this pulse which evokes excitement and always presents me with endless choreographic possibility. The music clearly tells a story and I’ve yet to decide what that story is; the story his music is prompting me to tell. However, the phrase “windows of appearances” keeps playing over and over in my head. Windows of appearances…

I am currently in the creation process and by choice, have yet to put the three dancers I’m using (including myself) in the same room. I’ve been working with each dancer separately to develop individual material and create a subconscious disconnect among the three. I anticipate that this disconnect will lend itself to the discord I’m seeking. This is also a new pairing of three very different dancers, with three very different voices; another source of endless inspiration. I will be as pleasantly surprised as the audience to see how this story unfolds. There will be an emotional journey of unrest, a discontented human affair constantly interrupted by a deluge of music and movement by an external party. I look forward to sharing this work in an intimate setting and look forward to how the environment will affect both the dancers and audience.

Photo by S.G.Hering
With Alan Alberto. Photo by S. G. Hering.

Listen to Philip Glass’ Etude No. 6:

She Moves: A dance concert to benefit the Women’s Center of Rhode Island is a collaborative effort bringing together eleven of the strongest female voices in the Rhode Island contemporary dance community. Feb. 15, 6:00pm.

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