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Ali Kenner Brodsky
Ali Kenner Brodsky

paRt II is a solo…or is it? I am currently working on an evening length work and this solo is an excerpt of the larger PART. paRt II is a conversation between a woman and herself, a woman and another or perhaps it is all a figment of the imagination. The audience can decide. There is no right or wrong answer. When I develop a piece it unfolds without much conscious thought. It is often not until much later that I know what it is “about”. So I welcome you, the audience, to prescribe your own meaning to the piece.

paRt II, as with pArt I, is a slight departure for me as I have incorporated some text into the piece. I have always seen my work as mini dance theater pieces and I am excited to bring the “theater” to the forefront in this work.

The music for paRt II was composed by the amazing MorganEve Swain aka The Huntress (Brown Bird). She has incorporated the poem “Empty Branch in the Orchard” by Mary Oliver into the score.

VIDEO: Watch an excerpt from paRt II here.

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Ali Kenner Brodsky

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