Rehearsing Little Red Riding Hood

We started rehearsing Little Red Riding Hood back in November but the show has really come to life this week. No ballet is easy but this one is especially difficult because it has to be targeted at a young audience, while still being appealing to the parents. Boyko Dossev (of Boston Ballet) was the choreographer of last year’s chatterBOXtheatre production of “Mother Goose Goes to Hollywood.” He is at the helm once more for another brand-new ballet. So far the show is a lot of fun. I will be dancing the role of The Big Bad Wolf. It was daunting at first but now that the choreography is coming together it’s a lot of fun. Portraying a wolf is a big challenge for both myself and the choreographer. We have to balance a lot of factors: the physical anatomy of the character, the imaginative nature of the fairy tale, and the reality of portraying all of this using ballet technique. There’s a lot left to be done and I’m excited to see how it all comes together.

Dylan Giles is a second-year Company Apprentice.

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