Louisa Chapman’s “The Elements”

Louisa Chapman, FBP Apprentice

My inspiration for The Elements came from observing and interacting with nature. I saw the wind catch leaves on a tree during a walk and saw ripples echo from my hand as I swam in a river this summer. I began to crave capturing these moments in movement. I also wanted to challenge the dancers. We are always dancing through air but I asked them to examine, what it would feel like to dance through water or through smoke? The greatest challenge has been that honesty in the choreography and dancing for each element.

Up Close On Hope is a great performance to have such a piece in. The mixed program allowed me to approach each element differently. Someone may like one section but not another. The close proximity of the audience also allows a greater participation in the performance. I hope it encourages them to make greater connections between the pieces and their own experiences.

Louisa Chapman’s “The Elements” first premiered this summer at the Birkshire Choreography Project. See the FBP company premiere at Up Close on Hope, Nov. 1 – 21.

Louisa Chapman in rehearsal for her work, The Elements.
Louisa Chapman in rehearsal for her work, The Elements.


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