It is called an intensive for a reason!

The first of two summer intensives begins today with the Junior Intensive! The students arrived this morning for their first full day of intense 9-5 classes. Our intensive programs are designed to enhance a student’s development during the summer, where they can fully focus on their classes and progress. These students not only work on their dance technique, they also have conditioning classes and lectures about dance history and other topics . It’s no surprise that these long days can be difficult to get through, so here are a few tips, courtesy of Friends of Festival Ballet Providence!

FBP 2011 Summer Program students in an outdoor class in Providence.

Make new friends!  There are students here from many cities and towns.  Making new friends can be one of the best things about Intensive.

Take Care of  Your Body. No sense working all day in class and not eating right or not hydrating during the day or staying up late at night.  You won’t perform well the next day.

Pack that dance bag well:

  • Toe tape (for lots of intense Pointe work)
  • Bobby pins, brush, hairspray
  • An extra pair of tights, ballets shoes, jazz shoes, ballet skirt and warm-ups
  • A note book and pen to record the corrections from teachers or difficult combinations
  • Snacks like a granola bar or banana (bananas are great for cramps!)
  • A tennis ball to relieve cramps and sore muscles
  • Jet glue for Pointe shoes
  • Band-aids are a MUST have for blisters

But most of all…HAVE FUN!

FBP 2011 Summer Program students in an outdoor class in Providence.


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