Hitting the ground running (dancing)

The FBP summer officially ended today with the company’s first day of work, and we started off hitting the ground running (read: dancing)!

Rehearsals for Together We Dance 3 and Up Close on Hope are now in full swing. And, if you can believe it, Nutcracker rehearsals begin tomorrow! This Sunday’s Nutcracker children’s auditions are making the first week back a busy one!

To kick off the start of our new season, we now have an Instagram! Follow us at @festivalballetprovidence to get a look inside the studio, behind the scenes, and anywhere else our Instagram takes us!

Visit our profile and follow us – http://instagram.com/festivalballetprovidence

We’ll be inviting some of our dancers to take over for a few weeks at a time, so you’ll get an even closer perspective when they start posting. But first, we need followers, so tell your friends! For now, enjoy a whopping 100% of our Instagram posts:

There were some recent developments in the office that we felt needed Instagramming:


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