FBP doesn’t stop in the summer

Here is company dancer Alan Alberto on returning to work for a week of rehearsal with choreographer Joseph Morissey:

Alan Alberto, FBP Company Dancer
Alan Alberto, FBP Company Dancer

It was a pleasure to finally have the opportunity of meeting and working Joseph Morissey. We have know each other for several years and are both graduates from The HARID Conservatory. This past week at FBP several company dancers and apprentices had the opportunity of taking class with him and learning two of his pieces.

It was a true pleasure for me to work with Joseph because I’ve heard so much about him. The experience was wonderful. It was nice to be in the studio again since we’ve been away for about a month now.

Ruth and I learned a pas de deux which was created on a couple from ABT. We learned the material in two days. It was rather speedy but we all knew we where in a time crunch. The following two days we worked on a group piece (originally set on Stuttgart Ballet) with Mady, Jennifer and Harry. This work was a little more complicated because we had two couples learning completely different material. We spent most of Friday and Saturday morning cleaning, learning, and re-learning.

We all had a great time and did our best for a week of intense work. We’re excited to be able to work on these pieces this coming season.

Both the pas de deux – “Poised” – and the group piece – “In Passing” – will be performed during Up Close on Hope in the upcoming 36th season.

Alan and Joseph Morissey
Alan and Joseph Morissey


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