Choreographer and FBP dancer Vilia Putrius on her new work, “Musica”

Vilia Putrius is an FBP company dancer and a frequent choreographer for Up Close on Hope
Vilia Putrius is an FBP company dancer and a frequent choreographer for Up Close on Hope

I called my piece of choreography “Musica.” I was very inspired by this beautiful tango composed by Astor Piazzolla and for a long while wanted to choreograph, but always felt, that it wasn’t the right time. It grew inside of me and I feel ready now.
In the choreography three dancers represent three different musical instruments: violin, piano and bass.
Also the sounds of these instruments represent three people, living their lives, facing the reality and fighting for their happiness.
It’s not a traditional Argentinian Tango, I use a contemporary dance language to express my emotions in the movement. The piece starts with a sound effect of a heartbeat, which to me symbolizes, that before man creates anything beautiful, it has to do with man being alive, feeling the inspiration and passion in his heart. I am so fortunate to be able to work with 6 amazing FBP dancers Jennifer Ricci, Ruth Bronwen Whitney, Alan Alberto, Alex Lantz, Ian Matysiak and Harunaga Yamakawa. There’s two casts dancing “Musica” and it makes me so happy to see how different each dancer interprets my choreography. Both casts are wonderful and bring their own colors to the piece.
Also I would like to thank audio engineer Bill Whitney for creating a sound effects and editing the music for my choreography.

The spring program of FBP’s Up Close on Hope will feature the world-premiere of Putrius’ “Musica” along with nine other pieces. For more information on Up Close on Hope, visit our website. 


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