Alan Alberto and Davor Čakarić in today’s Providence Journal

We are so proud of dancer Alan Alberto and his husband Davor Čakarić for being featured in the wonderful front-page story in the Providence Journal today.

To their knowledge, they are the first same-sex, binational couple in Rhode Island — and possibly New England — to successfully petition for a green card since DOMA was invalidated. They are in the first wave of cases around the country.

Alberto, 26, and Cakaric, 36, normally private people, told their story “so that other binational couples know that it’s OK, and they should feel like they can get married and live a normal life,” Alberto says. The two Providence residents hope to bring awareness to the LGBT community.

“If we’ve already spent two and a half years together, and lived together and worked together and are happy together, the next step is for us to get married,” Alberto says.

READ Karen Lee Ziner’s entire story via Providence Journal.

We are all very happy for you both and look forward to seeing Alan on stage and Davor close by on Thursday evening for our season-opening gala!

Photo by Robert Thorn for Festival Ballet Providence.
Photo by Robert Thorn for Festival Ballet Providence.


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